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Elly May / Ricky Bobby

Hi, Jim and Bev here! We have 2 of these little "clown" pugs.

We started with Ricky Bobby, a male fawn pug born December 19, 2014. Ricky is a real sweetheart, and little shy at first, but once he warms up, he loves everybody!! Especially loves children, and enjoys company at the house, but hates when people leave. He spends his day at home with Daddy, who is retired, but can't stand for him to leave the house! Lot's of screaming when Daddy leaves lol.

Elly May is our latest addition, a female fawn pug born March 1, 2017 Just came home April 30th 2017. Ricky Bobby is adjusting quite well, looks like she may be the boss!!. More info to come on Elly May as we get to know her!! We can tell you already she is super cute and very sweet.


Hi! I'm Oswald, but I also go by Oz, Ozzie, Waldo, Pugswald, Turkey Butt, and Numbnuts! I was born December 4, 2016 so I'm just a young pup! I love my humans very much and like to show my love and appreciation by eating my momma's hair. I am also very handy around the house and am great at household chores, like picking up shoes and underwear.

I like to think of myself as a rough and tumble pug, very outdoorsy - you'll almost never see me without a stick in my mouth! I like to jump over things and I entertain my humans and neighbours with my crazy pug runs!

I'm always up for a pug play date so if you have time during the day, I'm sure my momma could arrange a visit (she is semi retired and spends her days checking in on celebrity pugs from around the world on social media - she has time to take me on pug dates).

Speaking of social media - you can follow me on Instagram! I'm pugswald!

Looking forward to meeting all you Edmonton pugs!


Chloe (July 18/16) is big sister to Harvey (January 27/17).
Harvey enjoys having and taking anything that Chloe has and Chloe is finally starting to be ok with being a big sister❤️

Deb Dagg

For the love of pugs!! 😬😉. Rocco will be 2 in July,2017. His favourite pass time is EATING and when he is not eating he is dreaming about eating. He loves to play, snuggle and his house mates, and he loves kids and all humans. To know him is to love him 💗💗💗💗😍😘


My name is Corrine, and I was and am so lucky to have these 2 amazing creatures in my life. I adopted Max at 8 weeks..the sweetest little thing...he had a very rough start as the first 8 months of his life he was a sick little baby, he had demodex and a staf infection which took that long and 3 Vets later to get the proper medication..ever since then he has been a very healthy boy. He loves to make me laugh and he loves to entertain, the more pugs and people the better.

My little Bella was a rescue, she was 2yrs old when I rescued her and is my angel. I found her on Kijiji..but the person that had her was a little records, not even sure of her shots were up to date...long story short, I was blessed to find her. Bella had some extreme anxiety issues to everything, her and I went for training and spent alot of one on one time's been 5 years now and she is doing so well..she has always responded very well to other pugs..she has come along proud of her. Not even sure what my life was like before my two babies.

Carbert Trio

I would like to introduce Yogi, Bruce Wayne, and Idgie!
They like to get out and about and meet new puggies and pug crosses! They hope to go on many hikes this year, lots of events, and learn to Kayak or Canoe!
Looking forward to meeting a lot of you!
Yogi Bday Oct 11
Bruce Bday July 26
Idgie Bday Oct 10
Oh Ya they are chauffered and obeyed by Keri


This is Harley Davidson. He is 11 years old and will be celebrating his birthday on July 20.
Harley was adopted from a breeder in Cornwall, Ontario when he was just 7 weeks old. Even though Harley is almost 12, on the inside he’s still a hyper little pup who loves his toys and walks. He has arthritis and can’t do too long of walks but they have a stroller they take with them for when he needs a rest. He has pigmentary keratitis and is partially blind, but that doesn’t stop this old fella whatsoever. His mom originally bought Harley for her boyfriend but fortunately he became her velcro pug the day he came home, so that’s when they decided to adopt Harley’s brother, Bear, and he has not left her boyfriends side in 8 years, including his bathroom trips lol.


Bear is 9 years old. His birthday is December 25th.
Bear was rescued from a horrible living situation back in Harrowsmith, Ontario where he lived with a house full of animals including a donkey. His mom came across a post on the pug group page I belonged to back in Ontario that said this 9 month old boy needed a new home, so she emailed the lady and set up a time to visit. We took Bear’s brother, Harley, with us and as soon as they saw Bear she said that they could have Bear (known as Teddy Bear at the time). They offered her money and she refused. She said she knew he would be taken care of and that she didn’t need money.
This little guy had never seen a patch of grass his whole 9 months until they brought him home. Bear has been diagnosed with a severe collapsed trachea 3 years ago and they have been treating it with proper medications with very positive outcomes so far. Doctor says surgery is not 100% and very expensive and as long as the meds are working there’s no need for surgery. Although they know their time is limited with him and one day they will lose him to this horrible problem, they love and cherish every day they have with him and are so thankful they’ve had 8 amazing years so far.

Saki Laporte

Saki is 7 years old and just loves to get outside and play. She spends her summers hiking and climbing mountains with her mom and going for bike rides.


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