How to Join

A Warm Welcome to the Edmonton Pug Club

Joining is easy! 

There are just a few steps:


First, you must own a pug or a pug mix.


Visit our website regularly to see and register for upcoming events and get-togethers.


Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share your photos, stories, or questions. (if you do not use social media our website will always list upcoming events and important info).


Send us an email ( or a message on our Facebook page with your pugs’ photo, name and birthday. We will add the photo to our Members page and we give birthday shout outs on our social media sites!


That’s it! Easy peasy!


Please note: While there is NO membership fee, at our events where we have to rent an indoor facility, there will be a small entrance fee to help cover the cost of the rental and refreshments.