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Angela Schmidt asked 5 years ago

“Hi there, my daughter just got a pug puppy about a month ago. She eats so fast that she has actually choked on her kibble and thrown up pieces of whole kibble a few hours after eating. Vet says wet down her kibble or feed her wet food. My daughter has a slow down feeding dish but it is not helping much. Puppy seems to be inhaling her food. Wondering if this is a normal pug puppy issue. We were wondering about a raw food diet, bigger kibble to ensure she chews her food, or watering down the kibble. Hoping someone on here can provide us with some insight. Thanks in advance for your help. “

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answered 5 years ago

Hi Angela
When I was a puppy I would do the same thing! I just loved my food so much! My mom would watch me close and sometimes put a bit of water in my food too. I did stop inhaling eventually when I figured out how to chew properly. Kibble is crunchy and is good for our teeth so if you use wet food try to mix it in with some kibble too. 
Hope that helps! 
Saki the pug.

Keri answered 5 years ago

Hi there! How old is puppy and how many times a day are you feeding?  (And what food is being fed?) Are there other animals in the house?  sometimes it means puppy isn’t getting enough food or nutrition in the day hence the devouring, so depending on age splitting into 3 or 4 meals might help,(I know this isn’t always possible) as well as adding some warm water to the kibble. If other animals in the house puppy might feel rushed to eat. She could try hand feeding the kibble for awhile too, (which is also good to start puppy to not resource guard food) some pugs get more frustrated by the slo feeders because of their flat faces which makes them more determined and frustrated to get their food and create that intense eating.  (If that makes sense)
If you want any other suggestions or ideas please ask away 🙂 
If you ever want to transition to raw I know myself and some others are raw feeders and more than happy to help!
It’s scary when the little puppies hoover their food! especially with pugs, we know how  they love their food!

Ali answered 5 years ago

Totally normal for pugs. The slow feeder didn’t do much to stop our guy from gobbling either. Kong makes a puzzle ball thing that you can put food into, it has small holes so the dog has to kick and roll it to get the food out. We used this when our dog was on a diet but I suspect it could be used to slow them down while eating though I wouldn’t use it for every meal.

Bev Heebner Orobko answered 5 years ago

Scatter feed her. Slow feeders are usually to deep. Scatter the food on a mat. We put a few kibbles at a time. It’s tedious but it works!

Angela answered 5 years ago

Thanks everyone.  I will pass along the info to my daughter and hopefully she can find something that works for her.  The puppy does get fruits and vegetables for snacks so I am not so sure she is starving even if she thinks she is. I hope she grows out of it.  She is eating a Royal Canin puppy development stage kibble and I do also think her slow feeder is frustrating her so maybe scattering the food and three feedings a day will make a difference.

KelSelf answered 3 years ago

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