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Deb asked 7 months ago

Hi all. Looking to switch from kibble to raw food. Any recommendations for brand/type that you find optimal for our pugs? Also, can’t seem to find a good brush/comb that works. Any recommendations?

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Stefani answered 7 months ago

Hi Deb!  We’ve been feeding Mountain Dog Food to our Pug (& 5 other dogs) & have been since he was 8 weeks.  Have always had very healthy dogs and vet visits only when vaccines are required. The staff at Mountain is great for answering any specific questions you might have as well and their facility is well kept and incredibly clean.  For brushing:  we normally use a rubber glove (after the bath) to remove the undercoat and spread the natural oils throughout the coat.  You can also, very gently, use a slicker brush but use caution with that because they can scratch the skin quite easily.  Hope that helps!!! 

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